Xeriscapes & Native Landscapes

Install a low-water landscape full of native plants.

Lawns & Landscapes

Rely on our team for landscaping and landscape maintenance services.


Support your landscape's features with stone or pavers.

Additional Services

Add drought-tolerant grass to your property or explore our other services.

We can help you to turn your dreams into a reality

Create a beautiful residential landscape by working with our local team

Are you ready to revamp your landscape? Flutterby Gardens Landscaping LLC can design a stunning landscape that flourishes in our local climate. We're experts in drought-tolerant landscaping, xeriscaping, edible and native landscaping. Our team draws from over 20 years of experience, as well as our company owner's education in horticulture natives, firewise gardening, waterwise irrigation and construction.

Native plants bring your landscape to life

You can also rely on our company to plant or maintain native grasses, ground covers, perennials and trees.

Choose from our full range of services

We can take care of your existing landscape, upgrade it or entirely replace it.

You can choose our:

  • Xeriscaping services, for a low- or no-irrigation landscape
  • Native landscaping services, for a landscape featuring plants from the Northwest
  • Hardscaping services, for a stone, paver or concrete feature
  • Landscape maintenance services, for expert care for your landscape
  • Grass planting services, for drought-tolerant Rhizomatous Tall Fescue or Xerilawn

To find out more about any of our services, call 208-571-2170.We will be happy to answer any questions, just give us a call!